Sunday, 22 October 2017

Adelaide to Brisbane Flight

Well after 7 days in Adelaide, two days plane spotting the other 5 attending a conference, it was time to head home to Brisbane to see my amazing understanding family.
Our Qantas flight wasn't until 2.05pm and boarding was to be at 1.45pm. With my director and his wife in tow, our purchasing officer and a few other people that attended the conference, we arrived at the airport around 11.30am and we headed to the Qantas Club for some lunch and some relaxation before the flight. At 1pm I went out to see what movements there were for the last time before my flight.

QANTAS B737-838 VH-VYB (CN 33763)


REX SAAB 340B VH-ZRL (CN 340B-398)

QANTAS B737-838 VH-VXM (CN 33483)


It was great to see the Virgin Australia A320 as this is a rare sighting, we don't get Virgin A320's on the East Coast of Australia.

We began boarding at 1.40pm (local time) through gate 18 and I took my seat which was 25F. The aircraft for today was VH-VYB (CN 33763) I have been on VYB four times so far. 16/2/15; 19/12/16; 13/9/17 and today. The last cabin door was closed at 1.57pm and we pushed back at 2.01pm. Pushing back it was great to see another rare site and that was Virgin Fokker F28 MK100 next to the A320.


At 2.05 we began taxiing and as runway 23 was in use we had a very short taxi out so we had to hold until the cabin crew finished the safety drill.
We lined up and got airborne 2.11 taking off over the Glenelg Beach were we I stayed for the last week. We banked left and set track for Renmark in South Australia. As we climbed to 370 we maintained that heading for an hour and a half flying over Stanthorpe and Warwick. The flying time for today's flight was 2 hours 4 minutes. We began our descent into Brisbane at 3.53pm and landed on runway 01 in Brisbane at 4.20pm.



Because Queensland doesn't have daylight saving's we had to put the time back 30 minutes, so our official arrival time was 3.50pm

Day Four (and final day) of the Adelaide Conference

Well yesterday was the last day of the conference, there were still lots of suppliers to go through, then a member forum and brain storming session.
At lunch time we took the annual group member photo, this a little difficult to organise this time around due to where we were and time restraints.

The conference came to an end and we had just over an hour and a half to get ready for the Gala Dinner and show, but the real pressure was on the hotel staff to transform the room from a meeting room to the Gala dinner room, because the Gala Dinner was being held in the same ballroom where we had the conference.

The awards are handed out from the manufactures to the Rapid members and where Rapid committee hand out awards to its members as well.
I am really excited to say our company won 7 awards all up (6 for Brisbane and 1 for Sydney) included in the 7 was 2nd place for Member of the Year. We have won this award for 2 years in a row now.

After the formalities it was time to party and the night got kicked off by some Brazilian musicians followed by Brazilian dancers.

Around 11.30pm we were kicked out of the ballroom so we went out into the mall area outside the hotel and found a great pub called the Jetty Hotel. Well, we were singing our hearts out and drinking like there was no tomorrow.

Then at 2am, due to liquor laws, the pub had to close.
I have had an amazing week, from plane spotting Monday and Tuesday to sight seeing Thursday and winning awards last night.  
Really looking forward to going home to my amazing family.

Friday, 20 October 2017

Day Three of the Adelaide Conference

Well after a fun day yesterday it was time to get serious and get down to business but not before I rang my wife in Brisbane to wish her a Happy 16th Wedding Anniversary.
After the AGM was done and dusted for another year, we got down to meeting the suppliers. They get 18 minutes to impress us with their new products or specials, then we move on to the next table and so on.
We broke for morning tea then got back into it again going through until 12.30 were we stopped for lunch. When we returned we had a guest speaker in the way of Greg Cooper; the great grandson of the founder of Coopers Beer. His story was very fascinating and had the audience captivated and wanting more.

After the speech was done it was back into it until 3.20. There we stopped for the day having afternoon tea but to also remember and pay respects to the late Sharon Lee, the wife of Rapid Clean's General Manager, who passed away with cancer last year. There were pink items to eat plus Cancer Council products for sale as they did a fund raiser.

After that it was time to head up to the room and refresh before we jumped on the bus for another night out, this time we were heading for a Medieval Feast at Maximillian's Winery.

After being handed a drink on arrival we were offered the chance to wine some wine by hitting a golf ball into the middle of a pond and landing the ball on the green. I had a go but not ever played golf before, I could have thrown the ball further than I hit it.

We also had another chance to do some wine tasting.

Then it was time to sit down and eat and can I say the food was absolutely sensational, moist and tender.

After the amazing dinner the band started people got up to danced the night away.
It was another wonderful evening had by all.